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ATTENTION! Your Bank Deposit May Earn Less From November 1; Here is How


The State Bank of India is going to change the interest rates from 1 st November 2019, for its savings account holders and other depositors. the largests commercial bank of India has reduced the interest rate on savings account deposits up to Rs 1 lakh by 25 bps from November 1st. Now, from November 1st, SBI savings account holders will get 3.25 per cent interest instead of existing 3.5 per cent. The SBI came to the decision of bringing down interest rate on savings account after considering that the bank has enough liquidity.

Earlier, the SBI had cut interest rates on fixed deposits after RBI cut the Repo rate. Now, Repo rate stands at 5.15 per cent. The SBI cut fixed deposit rates by 0.10 per cent to 6.4 percent for one to two years deposits. Earlier, it was 6.5 percent. The bank’s customers should visit the bank’s website sbi.co.in for detailed information regarding the changes in rates.

There is additionally changes in rates for the records with stores over Rs 2 crore. The bank has additionally cut loan fees on fixed stores by 0.30 percent for a residency of one to two years. Presently, these people will get 6 percent enthusiasm against 6.3 percent for a similar period fixed stores.

After RBI guided banks to interface their advance rates to one of the parameters set by the RBI, one of which incorporate Repo rate, numerous banks have cut down the pace of enthusiasm on different store plans. Numerous banks likewise cut down the loaning rates after the RBI’s rate cut.

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