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Big Trouble: BJP MLA Seeks Ban On Salman’s Bigg Boss


BJP MLA from Ghaziabad, Nand Kishore Gujjar has composed a letter to Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javdekar requesting that the show be taken off air.

In his letter, the BJP official has asserted that the “show was advancing foulness and indecency and was unfit for family seeing”.

“The show is against the social ethos of the nation and profoundly shocking cozy scenes were a piece of it. Couples of various networks were being made to progress toward becoming bed accomplices which was unsatisfactory.

“Executive Narendra Modi, on one hand, is attempting to cause India to recover its lost greatness and, on the other, such shows were belittling the nation’s way of life,” he composed.

The BJP administrator likewise requested an edit instrument for substance being circulated on TV so as to counteract such episodes in future.

He said that youngsters and minors are staring at the TV and have reasonable access to such shows which have grown-up substance. Also the shows are accessible on the web as well.

The Brahmin Mahasabha has additionally looked for a prohibition on the unscripted TV drama with prompt impact. The Mahasabha has presented a reminder in such manner to the Ghaziabad area justice.

Amit Jani, leader of the Uttar Pradesh Nav Nirman Sena, in the interim, has reported that he would not eat any nourishment grain until the ‘Bigg Boss’ show was halted.

“I will get by on leafy foods until the administration finds a way to boycott the show which is advancing obscenity and misdirecting the adolescent. Indicating youthful couples sharing bed on national TV isn’t satisfactory and I am stunned that the RSS which professes to be our ethical police, has not in any case observed this,” he said.

This is the thirteenth period of the unscripted TV drama which is enormously mainstream and has made big names of everyday people also.


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