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Bigg Boss 13 October 30 Preview: Shefali Zariwala feels ‘mean’ Paras takes U-turn for This ‘REASON’


Bigg Boss asks who needs to be nominated for jail. Paras take Shukla and Asim’s name due to being aggressive. Asim nominates Devo and Shefali. He says Devo is also aggressive and Shefali fights a lot. Mahira picks Asim and Shukla again.

Shehnaz picks Shefali and Devo. When Shehnaz says there was no need to bring the old topic back, Bagga says she also did that and is reminded that it is a justification. Devo picks Shukla and Asim. Devo calls Shukla arrogant and he says he doesn’t wish to remind them what arrogance is. He says any girl touching his chest will not take away his respect, and further asks how will he do #MeToo on them.

Rashami suggests that he shouldn’t have made fun of them. Shukla says that his character was judged and thus he will remain that way. Arti picks Devo. Shefali picks Asim and Shukla. When Bagga justifies, Asim makes a noise.

Bigg Boss new task - Home Delivery

Shukla says he was well within his rights in Shahi Haar task. Shukla nominates Devo and Shefali. Shukla says that only taking a stand is not right, but taking a stand for the right thing is important. Devo justifies #MeToo accusation as the aggression of a task.

Shefali Zariwala the big eye

Rashami suggests that Devo and Shukla fight later, after taking a corner. She picks Asim and Shukla. She picks the latter saying that he is fair but only among his group and not the other one. She says Shukla makes the excuse of ‘I’m not professional’ and he is a very strong competitor. When Rashami asks him to help in the kitchen, he says he would cook every day but they will have to eat anything because he doesn’t know cooking. Rashami says Shukla doesn’t want communication and is not interested in talking to him or seeing his face outside the house.


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