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Chhath Puja 2019 Date and Full Schedule [DETAILS]


Similarly as Diwali finishes individuals from focal North India, unequivocally Bihar and UP start to get ready for the blessed celebration of Chhath. The Sun God celebration is commended with extraordinary energy, and the customary traditions and ceremonies behind this love of the Sun God are very unpredictable. Sun God(Surya Devta) and Chatthi Maiya (Sister of the Sun God), the wellsprings of life and vitality that run the world, are adored on this day. Individuals offer thanks towards the presence and endowments of the Sun God and Chatthi Maa. Chhath puja nearly takes four days, and individuals watching a quick tail it carefully without water. The ceremonies likewise incorporate the sacred shower at dawn and dusk, eating satvik nourishment before the quick and remaining in cool waterway water during the nightfall and dawn to implore the Sun Gods. The Puja Samgri and different things are an extreme assignment to gather and take to the banks of the waterway in a major bin on the head.

In the event that you are wanting to watch Chhath Puja this year, it is fundamental to know the Chhath thithi, days and timetable. We should talk about the Chhath Puja calendar and date for 2019.

Chhath Puja Date and Thithi 2019

Consistently, Chhath Puja is commended multiple times. The first time(Chaiti Chhath) it is praised in the summers and second time (Karthik Chhath) in winters. The one drawing closer is the Karthik Chhath that is commended during the long stretch of October or November, consistently, according to the Georgian schedule. According to the Hindu schedule, it is commended on Kartika Shukla Shashti (the 6th day of the long stretch of Karthika). For less difficult comprehension, Chhath Puja is praised on the sixth day after Diwali. While the Chaiti Chhath is praised a couple of days after Holi.

According to Georgian schedule, the Chhath Puja will be praised from 31 October to 3 November 2019. Surya Shashthi otherwise known as the primary day of Chhath Puja will be commended on 3 November 2019. Here is a nitty gritty rundown of every day of Chhath Puja, dates and customs:

Nahay Khay (Thursday 31 October 2019)

This is the main day of the Chhath Puja when the lovers take a plunge (Nahay) in the heavenly stream. For accommodation, individuals go to any close by waterway. The individuals going to watch a quick need to prepare a legitimate feast for themselves and eat it that day. The supper incorporates Lauki and Bhaat (Bottle Gourd and Rice) alongside Channa dal (Lentils). Generally, it should be cooked by utilizing mud or bronze utensils, on a mud stove utilizing mango wood. After this, the fans shouldn’t eat anything.

Lohanda and Kharna (Friday 1 November 2019)

This is the second day of the lovers watching a quick for a whole day. During this time the individuals keeping a quick plan prasad, including kheer and chapattis. This is the nourishment they will use to break their quick with and after this, and they need to quick without water for 36 hours, in a row.

Sandhya Arghya (Saturday 2 November 2019)

The third day includes the lovers setting up the prasad (Thekua) at home and after that in the prior night dusk, the whole family goes to the riverbank with the one watching the quick to offer their prasad to the Sun God. The ladies fasting need to wear new garments, ideally yellow in shading and appreciate the night with people melodies and games.

Usha Arghya (Sunday 3 November 2019)

This is the last day of Chhath when the fans with the entire family go to the riverbank again before dawn. They offer supplications and prasad to the Sun God. The individuals fasting can at long last break their quick, and on the riverbank, the ladies apply sindoor to one another while trading prasad.

Chhath celebration is known to include a few exacting customs and is likewise considered amazingly hard to seek after. Taking dunks in cool waterways during the cold hours of the day while watching a severe quick, isn’t simple. Fans additionally stand and offer petitions exposed to the harsh elements water while holding an overwhelming bushel of prasad (contributions).


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