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Dalljiet Kaur First Contestant to be Evicted from Bigg Boss 13: Know why


TV on-screen character Dalljiet Kaur, who turned into the main challenger to be expelled from unscripted TV drama Bigg Boss 13, says that she didn’t “fit” in the “phony love and companionship” thing in the house, detailed news office IANS. In a meeting with IANS, Dalljiet discussed being expelled and said she was wanting to “get by in the house” for more days: “I am particularly vexed.

I figured I will make due in the house for more days yet I don’t have the foggiest idea what turned out badly. May be I didn’t fit in that ‘phony love and kinship’ thing. We as a whole came here to demonstrate our independence yet the vast majority engaged in making counterfeit associations and I was not one of them. This season has turned out to be progressively similar to Splitsvilla.” Dalljiet went into the Bigg Boss house with a maxim to begin another period of her life.

Notwithstanding, she was removed from the unscripted TV drama inside about fourteen days of her stay inside the house. In a similar meeting, Dalljiet uncovered that it was “troublesome” for her to live without her child for about fourteen days and said she regularly felt “torment in her chest” while missing Jaydon. “I have never lived without my child for over three days… I didn’t have the foggiest idea how I endure the two weeks without him. It was so hard to control my feelings. In some cases while missing Jaydon, I began getting torment in my chest,” said Dalljiet.

Dalljiet Kaur was recently hitched to her Kulvaddhu co-star Shaleen Bhanot. Nonetheless, they got separated in 2015.


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