Home Entertainment Did Salman Khan Lock Lips with Disha Patani in ‘Radhe’?

Did Salman Khan Lock Lips with Disha Patani in ‘Radhe’?

Did Salman Khan Lock Lips with Disha Patani in 'Radhe?

Salman Khan Kissing Scene: Eagle-eyed fans of Salman Khan have discovered that there is more than meets the eye in a scene from the trailer for his upcoming film, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. The scene involves Salman apparently kissing his co-star, Disha Patani, on the lips. But the actor has had a longstanding ‘no-kissing’ policy in films.

After the trailer debuted last week, several people wondered if Salman had finally broken his policy, but some internet sleuths discovered that Disha was wearing a piece of tape on her mouth for the scene, which plays out entirely in silhouette in the trailer.

After brightening up the shot in question, one fan wrote on Twitter. “So this is just a comedy scene jaha Disha k muh mein tape laga hua hai….. Streak is unbroken.” Another fan commented, “Kal hi bola tha Disha k lips pe tape hai, cheat kiss hai (I told you it was a cheat kiss, Disha’s face was taped). Salman bhai nhi kren gy on screen kiss Qk ek dfa jo bhai ne commitment krdi phr toh woh apne ap ki b nhi sunte (Salman will never kiss on screen, because he has made the commitment).” Others wondered if the tape on Disha’s character’s mouth had a narrative explanation. “She is kidnapped,” one person speculated.