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Donald Trump, Melania Test Positive For COVID-19

‘First Covid-19 vaccine to be distributed within 24 hours in US’: Donald Trump

COVID-19: President Donald Trump has tried good for Covid-19, overturning the effectively tense US political race, yet was portrayed by his PCP on Friday as feeling “admirably” and ready to play out his obligations while isolating.

Trump, 74, first declared on Twitter that he and First Lady Melania Trump, 50, had tried positive.

“We will overcome this TOGETHER!” he composed.

The news exploded a political stunner a month prior to political decision day.

The principal prompt outcome was cancelation of a Trump crusade rally intended to occur in Florida later Friday.

Donald Trump, Melania Test Positive For COVID-19, Will Quarantine- newsdezire

Seriously behind in the surveys against Democratic challenger Joe Biden in front of November 3, Trump has been utilizing enormous assemblies – where a great many people abandon covers – to attempt to change the subject from his much censured reaction to the Covid pandemic.

Just Thursday he said in a discourse to a New York good cause occasion: “The finish of the pandemic is in sight and one year from now will be perhaps the best year throughout the entire existence of our nation.”

Yet, presently the pioneer who has over and again cast question on the reality of the infection – in spite of in excess of 200,000 Americans previously biting the dust – has become the world’s most prominent patient, demonstrating that all the assets of the White House couldn’t forestall the danger.


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