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Hathras Gangrape: Rahul Gandhi Pushed on ground, Allegedly Assaulted by Cops


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was pushed and tumbled to the ground in a tussle with the Uttar Pradesh police after he, his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and scores of gathering laborers were halted from walking on the Delhi-Noida roadway on their approach to Hathras to meet the group of the assault casualty who passed on Tuesday.

The Gandhis were confined for abusing a restriction on huge social occasions. “I am remaining here calmly. I will go alone at that point. I will walk alone from here to Hathras,” Rahul Gandhi told the police.

Visuals demonstrated the Congress MP being pushed and pushed as he attempted to oppose the police. In the conflict, the 50-year-old was seen tumbling to the ground. Different Congress pioneers helped him up.

Priyanka Gandhi asserted that she was likewise pushed and there were endeavors to toss her to the ground.

“For what reason would you say you are capturing me? What are the justification for the capture? What law am I disregarding,” Rahul Gandhi said in a warmed trade with cops, who said that they were accusing him of “Segment 188” – a law on opposing authority orders.

Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra were venturing out to Hathras in an escort when their vehicles were halted in Noida close to Delhi, at a point around 142 km from their objective.

The two of them got off their vehicle and begun walking with Congress laborers. Before long, an enormous unexpected of UP cops impeded their direction and attempted to push them back.

Congress pioneer Randeep Surjewala stated: “The Gandhis are planning to walk alone. What is Ajay Singh Bisht, nom de plume Yogi Adityanath (Chief Minister) scared of?”

In front of the Congress chiefs’ arranged visit, the UP organization today authorized a prohibition on huge social occasions and set up blockades at the fringes refering to the Covid. Streets to Hathras were likewise obstructed.