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Here are 5 tips to make your woman feel special!


We have often heard men say “It is impossible to understand a woman” but what if we tell you that is not the case? Women are not difficult to understand or confusing. In fact, these so-called descendants from Venus are simple, emphatic and know exactly what they want. 
So, if you are confused about what your partner is looking for from this relationship or you specifically, we bring to you 5 simple tips to sweep her off her feet! 


If you can’t respect her for what she is, she can never love you for who you are. Do not shout at her or make fun of her! No one was born smart and you two may not have had the same life experiences but that does not mean your partner is any lesser or more.


This is the one quality EVERY woman is looking for in her partner. With the proliferation of digital technologies in our lives, it is not difficult to meet new people and develop relationships but it has become harder to hold on to the people we truly love. We do not mind if you come to us and discuss what is troubling you or tell us that you want a break but what we definitely do not want is to catch you cheating on us! 

Surprise Them 

When we say ‘surprise your partner’, we do not mean drying your bank balance to gift diamonds or other expensive things. Small gestures go a long way in any kind of relationship! So, get off that couch and go buy them their favourite flowers or plan a movie date in your house or just slip in a handwritten note in her bag or books to make her feel special and loved. 

No Judgements, Please! 

Since childhood, every woman has been judged enough by her friends, family and even strangers. It wouldn’t be good for you to add your name to that list. Listen to her when she is worried (even if the reason is not important, according to you), support her when she is confused and hold her when she feels broken. Your partner does not want you to count her flaws. Instead, she is seeking someone who will accept her for all her scars.  

Be Expressive 

Yes, you love her a lot and your heart still skips a beat every time she smiles but she cannot read your mind. So, how will she ever know?  Please tell her what you feel and appreciate this relationship every once in a while, however difficult it may seem. These compliments will uplift her confidence in not just herself but also in this relationship. 


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