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Holi 2022: Know Your Lucky Colour According To Zodiac Sign

Holi 2021: Know Your Lucky Colour According To Zodiac Sign

Holi 2022 is practically around the bend, and unquestionably you probably had cut out a rundown of exercises you intend to be a piece of during the celebration.

would doubtlessly require colors. Loads of them. So all things considered, have you discovered the correct tone for the 2022 Holi festivity? Or on the other hand you actually plan to go with the essential ‘pink is for young ladies and blue is for young men’s standard? That would be an exhausting idea to be straightforward, particularly when our master stargazers can help you discover the fortunate shadings connected to your zodiac sign that you can decide to play Holi with this year.


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, attracts energy from the fire element in astrology. So an Aries reading this can go on to smear bright colors like yellow, red, or pink on their friends, families, and loved ones


Taurus people are not so much into Holi for they were once hurled with buckets of water and thus caught a severe cold and have since hated the idea of playing Holi (yes, that’s some personal experience). But then the Taurians who enjoy playing Holi can use lucky colours like green and light colours like rose pink.


Gemini, the twin homo-sapiens, is ruled by Mercury and thus has a likeness towards green colour. Being an air sign, their association with Holi is world-renowned. Colours including silver and pear green will suit them astrologically this Holi.


Ruled by the planet Moon, Cancer is a water sign. So obviously, these people are the ones who would dance till the last beat of music late in the afternoon on Holi. A Cancerian has a pull towards sparkly colours just like water sparkles when smeared with the rays of the sun.


Leo, just like Aries, belongs to the Fire class of elements. These people are said to be very creative-kind and appreciate the different shades of them. Having said that, shades of the Sun, like orange, saffron, etc. are the best colours for you for Holi 2021.


Virgo too is an Earth sign and one of the most down to earth people you would find. Though they are not so much into Holi celebration but for the little bit of fun they are going to have this Holi, they must get their hands on colours like brown or light yellow.


Air is the element of Libra and hence this sign has a penchant for playing Holi with dry colours. All the little dull shaded colours such as dark blue, red, violet, purple are lucky for them.


Scorpions are wild-hearted people and they get this strength from their element that is water. For inviting affluence, a Scorpio must play Holi with colours like cherry red, rose red, pink, white.


Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. The planet also represents Lord Vishnu, the lucky colour for whom is Yellow. Thus for Holi 2021, the lucky colours for Sagittarius are different shades of yellow.


Capricorn belongs to the earth element and is ruled by the planet Saturn. And Saturn, for the unaware, has enmity with colours. So it is usually advised that Capricorns must stay away from colours. However, if one still wishes to play Holi because they should, they can go for colours like blue, white or sky blue.


An Aquarius is an air element and doesn’t really have a knack for Holi. However, they must realise that Holi is one of the best times to socialise and should try to mingle more. Colours like green, blue and violet would be the lucky colours for you.


Pisces is a water sign and one of the many people who enjoy playing Holi. And to make the whole occasion more jolly for them, they might want to drench others and themselves in vibrant and bright colours such as green, red, indigo and shades of pink.