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How to Plan a Perfect Holi 2021 at Home Amid Pandemic

How to Plan a Perfect Holi 2021 at Home Amid Pandemic

Holi 2021 at Home Amid Pandemic: It is that season when lively tones fill the sky the whole way across. Indeed, we are discussing Holi – the celebration of tones thumping at our entryways. This year Holika Dahan is on March 28 and Holi will be praised on March 29 separately.

Holika Dahan’s puja is performed and praises the triumph of good over evil. It is otherwise called Chhoti Holi in numerous spots.

However, with one year to the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic, social distancing and wearing masks is still a norm. Now, the nation-wide vaccine drive is also in place, ensuring safety against the virus. So, how do you celebrate the festival of Holi?

Pack of colours

If you are celebrating the festival at home, it is important for you to stock up different colours. Get your hands on Gulaal (red colour) and various other organic ones too, as they smell nice and are also soft on your skin. Go for herbal colours and avoid synthetic ones, harming your skin and hair.

How to Plan a Perfect Holi 2021 at Home Amid Pandemic


So what if you are avoiding public places or large groups, enjoy your favourite sweet with family at home and celebrate the festival in high spirits, Satiate your taste buds with loved ones and relish the Holi-special recipes.


The pichkaris are not just for kids. It adds a little old-world charm to the festival. Who would not want to sing ‘Balam Pichkari’ without a real one in hand? You can either buy a new one or rent it out. Let the festival spirit grip you hard!


Any party is incomplete without chartbuster Hindi songs. So, dancing on your favourite ‘Rang Barse’ or ‘Holi Khele’ will keep you in a full Holi mood. Make a list of special Holi numbers and you are good to go!

Party accessories

Get hold of some cool and catchy accessories like oversize eyeshades, moustaches and cool message boards to pose with. Your Holi clicks will rock your social networking timeline, for sure.

Wash your hands, face regularly and do not forget your colourful masks too. Let this festival give a pleasant memory to all.