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How to stay Healthy and Fit in the Winter

How to stay Healthy and Fit in the Winter

Healthy and Fit in the Winter: Almost all diseases/conditions that make your body their home during the winters are a result of your immune system not functioning at its peak. The primary reason for this is the low humidity level that is prevalent during the colder months, which makes it easier for viruses to multiply.

Most people also prefer staying indoors with closed windows and doors, to protect themselves from the cold. This too allows various disease causing pathogens to propagate easily. Once you are affected by a disorder like the flu, low energy levels, body aches and other health problems follow suit. And there goes your New Year plans!

  1. Healthy Diet or Food
  2. Calm Your Carb Cravings
  3. Add Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  4. Cook With Mushrooms
  5. Eat More Fiber
  6. Eat More Green and Orange Vegetables
  7. Cook With Spices
  8. Plan Your Exercises a Week in Advance
  9. Workout at Home.
  10. Water
  11. Quit Smoking
  12. Vitamin D
  13. Load up on Fruits and Vegetables
  14. Take Care of your Skin
  15. Sufficient Sleep