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Just Rs 33.33 can make you a crorepati! Rich tips & this fund can do it together

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Becoming a crorepati many times over is what each and every investor works towards. Fortunately, he or she does not have to fight the battle alone. Lending a helping hand are mutual funds via SIP (Systematic Investment Plans) that have the potential to turn dreams into reality. While starting a SIP is the best thing to do, but investors can add immense power if they do something else too. According to the tax and investment experts, one should increase one’s monthly SIP every year by around 10 per cent because it helps them more than double their maturity return in the long-term perspective. According to them, one should choose those funds that have given better returns in the last three years. Experts’ are of the opinion that top-performing mutual funds are now just a click away as this information can be fished out through a simple Google search as well.

Speaking on how does step-up of 10 per cent in monthly SIP work, Kartik Jhaveri, Director — Wealth Management at Transcend Consultants said, “In the long-term perspective, a mutual fund gives at least 12 per cent and if the fund is an outperformer then it can go to the tune of 15-18 per cent also. Let’s take 15 per cent return in long-term and your investment is Rs 1,000 per month means Rs 33.33 a day. This amount will give you a maturity amount of Rs 70,09,820 after 30 years. However, if you step-up your monthly SIP every year by 10 per cent, your maturity amount would become Rs 1,50,22,269 that is more than double of the amount without annual step-up.”

Recommending a new mutual fund that investors can opt for to start a SIP, Jitendra Solanki, a SEBI registered tax and investment expert said, “Axis Bluechip Fund has given more than 21.5 per cent in the last one year while it has given around 19 per cent in the last three years. It is a large-cap fund as well, hence, the risk factor in this Axis Bluechip Fund is the least among all categories of the equity mutual funds. In the long-term perspective, say for 25 to 30 years, one can easily assume a return of 15 per cent on such better performing bluechip funds.”

So, if we go by the experts’ opinion, an investor who has just begun earning or in the nascent phase of one’s career must be less than 30 years of age — means he or she has a better chance of investing for next 30 years. So, this Axis Bluechip Fund can be a better option for the investor as it will give him at least 15 per cent returns in 30 years. However, if the investor does it without annual step-up the maturity amount would be below crore but if he or she does this annual step-up trick by 10 per cent, he or she would be a crorepati after 30 years as the maturity amount one can expect on Axis Bank Bluechip Fund after 30 years would be Rs 1,50,22,269.


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