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Lockdown 3.0: Will India Be Able To Survive or Extend The Lockdown

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The Indian economy was apparently going towards the $5trillion mark and was doing well. Now when we see, the country cannot even feed and transfer the poor or below poverty line people. There are about 26% BPL people and the government can’t even feed them with the money the people have contributed for the PM Cares fund or all the other funds which have been made in the name of relief fund. Corporates have donated a huge chunk of money to the government and this is making headlines. And the major stint after this was to deduct every government employee’s salary. After this, there are various people who have donated small amounts into this fund.

 The question is that there is a large amount of fund, where is it going? To feed the people in power?

The food which is being received by some of the lower sections includes a simple lentil dish and a roti. This isn’t a meal that is bought from any five-star restaurant, this is a basic meal which costs about Rs2 or Rs3 per head. And guess what? This is also not received by all. 

The pain of being separated from homes and having no food in the eyes of the migrant workers show that this isn’t how the situation should be.


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