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PM Modi cleans Mamallapuram beach ahead of talks with Xi Jinping


The Prime Minister seen grabbing plastic litter, water containers and other waste from a sea shore during his morning walk.

On the off chance that he knocked some people’s socks off with his dhoti and angavastram on Friday, on Saturday, a video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi strolling shoeless, getting garbage from the Kovalam sea shore after his morning walk, set off another web based life storm.

In his tweet, Mr. Modi stated: Plogging at a sea shore in Mamallapuram toward the beginning of today. It went on for more than 30 minutes. Additionally gave over my ‘accumulation’ to Jeyaraj, who is a piece of the inn staff. Give us a chance to guarantee our open spots are perfect and clean! Let us additionally guarantee we stay fit and solid.”

(Plogging is about sprinters (or walkers) getting garbage en route, or after their run/walk, and arranging it off mindfully.)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Mamallapuram beach

Reacting to the tweet, angler K. Vinod of Ocean Awareness gathering, who cleans angling villages, stated: “When the Prime Minister can do it, for what reason can’t conventional individuals as well. “


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