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Punjabi Actress Sargun Mehta Shares Her ‘Mad Dance’ on ‘Piya O Piya’ [VIDEO]


Punjabi heartthrob Sargun Mehta has constantly entranced her fans with her move moves. During shoots and gatherings, she generally parades her executioner move moves leaving fans paralyzed. Prior today, she took to Instagram to share her return video of ‘frantic move’ from her two years back birthday slam. In the video, she can be seen doing attach ventures from the prevalent 90’s melody ‘Piya O Piya’ from Salman Khan’s film Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega.

In the video, she alongside her young lady group folds the towel over them and plays out the connect ventures from the tune. Sargun can be seen wearing a yellow top collaborated with a short dark skirt. The video will help you to remember all the insane fun you had with your posse and identify with it.

Sharing the video, she stated, “This is one distraught video from my birthday 2 years ago.@ashanegi @siddhi.karwa @ninoshkasaldanha @rakheeverma18 school ke dinon wala gaana #piyapiya. (sic)”

Watch Video:


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