Home Entertainment Salman Khan to QUIT #BiggBoss14? Check out

Salman Khan to QUIT #BiggBoss14? Check out


It’s not even a month since Bigg Boss 14 went air and Salman Khan is already done with the nuisance inside the house. While he’s known to school the contestants on various aspects right from respecting each other to not faking their personalities for TRP, it’s left to see which contestant from the current lot made him so furious that he’s threatened to quit the show, on national television.

The latest promo of tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 shows an angry Salman Khan telling one of the contestants that you might be doing it as a joke but this is something very serious. And then the next thing you get to see is an alarmed expression on everyone’s faces right from Rashami Desai to Shehnaz Gill with Salman screaming in anger before walking out of the stage saying, ‘Guess I want someone else to do this’. Now is Salman really wanting to leave the show? Or is it just one of those days when Salman takes off for some time and then gets back to warn the contestants that they better not test his patience? 

For that unaware, year after year, although Salman returns with a new season of Bigg Boss he’s time and again gone on record to mention how he gets tired of hosting the show. Whether it was in the last season or the season before that, there have been so instances when he’s threatened to leave the show after seeing the madness inside the house.



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