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‘Supergirl’ Actor Olivia Nikkanen Tests Positive For Coronavirus

'Supergirl' Actor Olivia Nikkanen Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Actor Olivia Nikkanen, best known for her roles on shows The Society and Supergirl, says she has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The 21-year-old actor shared a health update on Tuesday while appearing on Instagram Live with her co-star Kathryn Newton.

Nikkanen said she was “feeling better” now but still had some tightness in the chest.

“This is a scary thing. It’s all-consuming. I’m glad that I’m okay and that my mom is okay,” she said, adding that she and her mother have been isolating in their apartment for more than two weeks.

The actor said she documented her symptoms and experience on Instagram throughout the month.

She came down with body aches, slight chills and a 99.5 degree temperature on March 13.

On March 14, her fever was 102.4 and she had “terribly body aches and chills,” a stuffy nose and “major fatigue“.

The next day she lost her sense of smell and taste and, on March 16, she was tested and had additional symptoms of a slight sore throat, which was gone the next day.

The actor said she experienced chest tightness as her fever decreased and was diagnosed on March 19.

Nikkanen said she has been treating her fever and chest pain with Tylenol, and she drank lots of fluids and rested a lot.


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