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Today’s Horoscope: Here are the Astrological Predictions for August 27

Daily-Horoscope 2020

Daily Horoscope: A deep seated wish comes true and this makes you so happy. Career/business moves a head slowly, but you don’t mind as there is already quite a lot of work to take care of. Travel is optional after January 2021. The relationship with your spouse/partner is very good and both of you have every intention of keeping it that way. Health is good.

Capricorn: Strengthening existing ties feels so good. When you forgive unconditionally; the real power lies within you. Be appreciative about how your self esteem has increased by leaps and bounds. Colours: red/khaki.

Taurus: An investment promises good returns. But take advice before actually going ahead. Be practical. Be appreciative about a new relationship that begins for some Taureans when least expecting it. Colours: pink/white.

Virgo: A question mark about a simple decision is cleared. Be appreciative about the long talk you had with a friend and how you both are on the same wavelength. Colours: yellow/black.

Aquarius: A plan may be changed at the last minute. Be sure about feelings before voicing them. Be appreciative about some shopping done. They were such useful things to buy. Colours: orange/purple.

Gemini: Some may be considering renting aproperty. Think carefully before doing so. Be appreciative about how you are able to forgive someone without any rancor or ill feelings. Colours: red/white.

Libra: Giving up a habit (whatever it was) feels like you are in control. Be appreciative about certain experiences of the past that taught so much. They were completely invaluable. Colours: green/sandalwood.

Pisces: Restructuring the way you work is worked out in detail. Some news is unexpected. You are not surprised actually. Be appreciative about the comparatively relaxed day you go through. Colours: pink/lemon.

Cancer: Dealing with competition has always been easy. You enjoy proving yourself in fact. Be appreciative about how it is possible to discuss property issues with relatives very calmly. Colours: pink/yellow.

Scorpio: A junior colleague may require certain help in a project. Try not to over exercise. Be appreciative about the loving atmosphere at home. This makes daily interaction so good. Colours: black/olive.

Aries: Just quietly talk about issues and misconceptions that bother you. This clears them. Be appreciative about how some of you have managed to find a buyer for your property. Colours: grey/orange.

Leo: Having a frank talk with a relative coming to live with you is advisable. Those in a relationship may give/receive a commitment. Be appreciative towards your spouse/partner. Colours: blue/silver.

Sagittarius: Receiving a tentative job offer is surprising. A friend mentions you tend to be idealistic at times. Be appreciative about how important your interaction is to everyone at home. Colours: white/watermelon