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Top 10 Visa-free Holiday Destinations For Indians – Details


With regards to a worldwide outing, voyaging is never simpler for Indian residents as they need a visa other than their international ID. Starting at now, the Indian visa positions 82 in the worldwide rundown with the most dominant identification being Japan, expressed a report.

To get rid of the dreary procedure of acquiring a movement visa, travel to nations where you don’t require a visa.

Look at these best 10 nations which enable Indian residents to go without a visa:


One can’t miss Mauritius and its inviting occasion resorts. This island country is known for its dreamlike sea shores and reefs.


Fiji must be on the highest point of the pail rundown of each experience searchers. Situated in the South Pacific, this archipelago contains more than 300 islands. Fiji is best known for its tough scenes, fixed with palm trees. One can likewise locate the brilliant coral reefs in its reasonable tidal ponds.

Hong Kong:

You can visit Hong Kong by simply topping off an online structure. This nation is humming with business sectors, bars, cafés. Maybe, adding to its staggering horizon are countless high rises.


Favored with rich rainforests, mountains and sea shores, this Caribbean island country mountains is a risk to sightseers. One can locate comprehensive hotels in the Montego Bay of Jamaica.


Found near India is Nepal. This nation is for hopeful mountain dwellers and other travel devotees. The Himalayan magnificence will absolutely leave you in a condition of interest.

Cook Islands:

The Cook Islands are the ideal without visa occasion goal for Indians who couldn’t imagine anything better than to investigate the 15 islands situated in the South Pacific. Fascinating these islands is said to be politically connected to New Zealand. Try not to miss this one.


As the name recommends, Ecuador lies on the Equator among Colombia and Peru. Arranged in north-western South America, this nation houses the Amazon wilderness, the Andean good countries and the Galápagos Islands.


For the individuals who need to head out without visa to a nation where bliss is guaranteed, visit Bhutan. One can investigate Buddhism at Bhutan, a nation known for its quiet religious communities and fortifications. Prominently, this Buddhist kingdom is arranged on the eastern edge of the strong Himalayas.


Need to play Casino games and chill at Las Vegas? At that point plan an excursion to Macau to encounter the fun side of the nation. Plus, you will likewise get the opportunity to see an intriguing blend of Portuguese and Chinese viewpoints in their structures.


This is a nation in Oceana which involves two primary islands in particular Savai’i and Upolu, notwithstanding four other littler islands.


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