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Top 3 Most Consistent Batsmen in the history of IPL

Top 3 Most Consistent Batsmen in the history of IPL

Indian Premier League: Consistency versus Impact is a discussion that has consistently been started when we talk about the briefest configuration of the game. While one feels T20 is about effect, and how you help win more or more matches all alone, there is additionally another gathering of individuals who feel, T20 is a group game, and as long as you perform reliably, with other players’ commitment, you would win more as a group.

In the event that we take a gander at the historical backdrop of T20s, particularly IPL, you would see that players who are both; steady and Impactful are the ones that come out being the most significant players. While estimating the effect is relative, one can gauge consistency with the assistance of details.

3: Rishabh Pant (Delhi Capitals)

Innings: 54 || Runs: 1736 || Avg: 36.2 || SR: 162.7 || Consistency: 52.8%

Might astonish a couple, yet Rishabh Pant is the most reliable Indian batsmen in IPL as of date. In his 4 years venture in IPL, it was just 2017 when Rishabh Pant went under the spotlight where he finished the season with 366 runs. Generally speaking, he has figured out how to score an aggregate of 1736 runs from 54 innings at a normal of 36.2, and consistency of 52.8%.

2: David Warner (DD and SRH)

Innings: 126 || Runs: 4706 || Avg: 43.2 || SR: 142.4 || Consistency: 54%

The quality of Sunrisers Hyderabad, and the player with the most noteworthy normal among players with 1000 runs or more, David Warner is second on the rundown of most predictable parts in IPL with a consistency of 54%. Nonetheless, it has been a story of two parts for David Warner. Having appeared in 2009 for Delhi Daredevils, Warner’s an incentive as a player got multifold in 2014 when he moved to Sunrisers Hyderabad.

In his initial 6 seasons with DD, Warner could just oversee 1435 runs from 55 innings at a less than impressive normal of 28.7, and strike pace of 146.9. Yet, in his next 6 seasons with Sunrisers Hyderabad, David Warner crushed an aggregate of 3271 runs from 71 innings at a normal of 55.4, and strike pace of 146.9. This remembers 3 Orange top exhibitions for 2015, 2017, and 2019.

1: Shaun Marsh (KXIP)

Innings: 69 || Runs: 2477 || Avg: 40 || SR: 132.7 || Consistency: 56.5%

The main Orange top victor of IPL, Shaun Marsh gladly situates on the head of most reliable batsman in the historical backdrop of IPL with a consistency of 56.5%. For somebody who has been playing since 2008, and setting the competition ablaze in 2008, it is very confounding to see him play just 69 innings.

All things considered, Shaun Marsh’s worth is his consistency, and there is no denying the way that he is one of only a handful barely any great batsmen, who is known for playing the non-forceful nature of cricket. He is the ideal case of why groups lean toward forceful parts in T20s, and not somebody who continues scoring reliably.