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Top 4 ways to Improve your Immune Response to the COVID-19 vaccine

Top 4 ways to Improve your Immune Response to the COVID-19 vaccine

Improve your Immune Response to the COVID-19 vaccine: A Russian government advisory on refraining from alcohol consumption for 45 days after the first vaccine jab has left many people confused and contemplating whether or not alcohol can cause any ill impact on the vaccine response. However, there is no mention of alcohol in the printed material available along with the two vaccines approved in India; this certainly adds to the confusion.

1.Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is important

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is an important tool in our fight against the raging pandemic. While it’s imperative for every person to be aware and well-educated about the vaccines, there are also certain precautions, dos, and don’ts to follow for the vaccine to do its job well- one of the prime ones being safeguarding your immune system.

2. How do you ensure the COVID-19 vaccine works well?

While vaccines work by driving our immune response against the pathogen, a lot of its prevention strategy also depends on our own natural immunity. The efficiency of our immune system also determines how fast or good a vaccine works on us. Hence, just like we have been doing during the course of the pandemic, we should also take earnest steps to keep our immunity up.

3. Eat well to charge your immunity

Remember, while vaccines do not do an instant job, eating well-cooked, nutritious foods which include a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are a good way of enhancing your immunity, staying healthy and support the body’s vital functions, which will help deliver the right immune response when a vaccine is administered.

While there may be no MAGIC superfoods which work to strengthen your immunity or deliver a better response, healthy dietary habits must continue before and after a vaccine is injected to ensure the best possible outcomes.

4. Avoid and curb alcohol intake for weeks after vaccination

The one precaution people have been asked to follow after, and preferably before vaccination is to curb alcohol intake, which may deter or limit the vaccine’s working in the first few weeks.

Alcohol is bad for the liver and also dims the body’s immune response. Some researches also say that alcohol can also make it harder for the body’s immune system to defend the body against any germs or infections. More so, it can also make a person vulnerable to a host of communicable disorders, as well as COVID-19. Therefore, it would be a wise idea to curb alcohol as well as tobacco intake