Home Tech Zebpay Vs WazirX: Which Is The Better Crypto Exchange For You?

Zebpay Vs WazirX: Which Is The Better Crypto Exchange For You?

ZebPay Vs WazirX: Find Out Which Cryptocurrency Exchange Suits Your Needs

Zebpay Vs WazirX: Digital forms of money have gotten the major in 2021, as a huge number of individuals all throughout the planet have acquired significant benefits through putting resources into digital currencies. As COVID-19 quickly spread all throughout the planet, individuals telecommuting have begun to put their cash into digital currencies in the wake of seeing the unfathomable returns the crypto market advertised. A preposterous year or something like that, even the standard populace all throughout the planet began putting resources into digital currencies. In addition, many significant organizations and partnerships all throughout the planet have begun exchanging/tolerating digital forms of money.

The circumstance is something very similar in India, as a great many new crypto lovers are joining diverse crypto trades every month. Crypto trade is a crypto exchanging stage where individuals can purchase/sell their crypto for their other crypto or money. As of late, India has seen a flood in crypto trades that expect to serve the developing requirements of crypto fans in the country. In this article, we will look at two crypto trades, Zebpay versus WazirX to assist our perusers.

Zebpay Vs WazirX: 

When it comes to choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, there are many factors to be considered. However, one of the important aspects for the customers is the charges levied by the exchanges. As per the Zebpay website, Zebpay charges 0.15 per cent as maker fee and 0.25 per cent as taker fee. The withdrawal charge in Zebpay amount to a flat charge of Rs. 7 per withdrawal. On the other hand, WazirX charges a flat 0.2 per cent maker fee and 0.2 per cent taker fee. One thing WazirX has going for it is its large number of cryptocurrencies available. As for the withdrawal of funds back into your account, WazirX charges Rs. 5 to 10, depending on the method of withdrawal used.

However, when looking at WazirX and Zebpay’s reviews on PlayStore and online, a few problems become apparent. Many people face trouble in getting their KYC process completed in time. Moreover, most Indian-based crypto exchanges reportedly crash during peak trading times. Over the past week or so, WazirX has been facing server and payment issues, as seen by their Twitter feed. While people are looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange in India, they should do thorough research before choosing to invest in a crypto exchange. Stay tuned for more news on cryptocurrencies in India.


WazirX is India’s most trusted Bitcoin exchange. It offers you a trading experience across all platforms viz on Web, Android, iOS, etc. WazirX has a simple and efficient design that caters to both first-time investors and professional traders.

WazirX has created a token for itself called WRX, and There will be a maximum of 1 Billion WRX coins ever produced.

WazirX Bitcoin Wallet

Individuals can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by depositing INR via UPI or IMPS. Funds can be deposited and withdrawn instantly and 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In India, the lowest withdrawal fee starts at zero. The highest referral commission in India is 50% with no upper cap. TradingView, advanced chart trading, and Stop-Limit orders are only a few of the advanced features available. WazirX uses two-factor authentication, such as Google authenticator or mobile OTP-based authentication, for security.


  • Highly secured
  • Accessible across platforms
  • Instant transactions


ZebPay has served over 3 million members since 2014. The interface of the exchange is clean, intuitive, and simple with advanced trading features. You can trade across five crypto-crypto pairs with zero deposit fees. It has multi-layered security protocols to protect the privacy and data of the user.



  • Competitive rates
  • Robust API
  • Trade across devices
  • Enhanced security controls