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Weekend Ka Vaar! Rahul Vaidya Returns Back to the BB House

Weekend Ka Vaar! Rahul Vaidya Returns Back to the BB House

Bigg Boss 14 will be full of entertainment tonight. We will see host, Salman Khan having some fun with the housemates. Rahul Vaidya will also be returning to the show tonight.

Salman Khan then begins the shower task where a few contestants will go in the shower room and answer a few questions.

If the contestants agree with them they will show a green card and if they don’t agree they show the red card. If the majority don’t agree there will be a shower on the one answering. The housemates have some fun in the house.

Salman Khan then announces eviction and says that Kashmera is evicted. He then reveals that Kashmera is safe and says Abhinav is leaving. The housemates cry and meet him. Salman Khan enters again and announces that no one will get evicted. Everyone celebrates and Arshi begins irritating Vikas.

They began the galatfehmi ka gubara task. Eijaz burst Vikas and Aly’s balloons. He says that Aly said Eijaz had a problem with touch when he entered. They both argue over this. Aly says that Eijaz is behaving exactly opposite to what he had said earlier. Eijaz says that the game’s level is up now.

Kashmera bursts Vikas and Manu bursts Rubina and Vikas’ balloon. He also burst Jasmin’s balloon. Arshi Khan bursts Vikas and Rubina’s balloon. Rahul bursts his own balloon. Nikki bursts Jasmin and Rakhi’s balloons. Aly is next and he bursts Eijaz and Manu’s game. Jasmin bursts Eijaz’s balloons and Vikas bursts Arshi’s balloon.

The mastermind also bursts his own balloon. Rubin bursts Eijaz’s balloon. Abhinav bursts Eijaz’s balloons. Rakhi bursts Arshi, Rahul, Abhinav and Rubina’s balloons. She also bursts her own balloon.